Sevilla, Day Five

We´re in Sevilla now, arriving here yesterday via bullet-train from Madrid. We did manage to see a bit of Madrid after dark the other night, but only enough to have something for dinner (a big bowl o´ meat– they love their meat here in Spain. Especially ham, and… other kinds of ham. Basically, all pigs come here to die). We do too much in the day to appreciate the nightlife, but, then again, I´m not a huge appreciator of the nightlife anyway.

Yesterday, we went to a modern art gallery before heading on our train. Of course, in Europe, “modern” refers to anything in the past 100 years or so. We only had an hour, so we just did the one floor, whose highlights were Picasso and Dali. Good stuff.

The train only took 2.5 hours, but I wasn´t feeling that well when we got here, and it was raining. So we just walked around a bit to have dinner, then slept for 14 hours or so. Vacations rule!

I kinda miss communicating my desires to service staff in English. I only speak in short bursts of nouns now– zumo de naranja… dose… huevos en bacon… uno. Gracias.

We´re gonna walk around town now. See more churches and the like. Hopefully, we´ll catch a flamenco show tonight. Tomorrow, we catch an early train for Barcelona.

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