Barcelona, Day Seven

We ended up going to a Flamenco show two nights ago in Sevilla, for those wondering. Kim enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought it was alright. A cool cultural experience, but, at the same time, it was 2 hours of singing and dancing… which isn´t exactly my thing. Ah well, I´m happy that she´s happy.

After the show, I hit my fucking breaking point with Spanish cuisine. We went to some ma and pa joint, where I ordered something that ended up being a veggie drink and mushy rice with… you guessed it… bits o´ ham. The food part was paellas, which I wanted to try. I no longer want to try them. I´m tired of Spanish food, man. So tired.

The next morning was worse, actually, since I had two more fucking sandwiches. In Spain, a sandwich consists of hard bread (like a baguette) and ham (or some other form of pig). Sometimes cheese. No condiments. And they serve them everywhere, like it´s the only lunch food in the country. I´m sick to fucking death of them. When we got off our 9 hour train ride from Sevilla to Barcelona, having only a sandwich to eat all day, I saw the most glorious sight ever. The elevator doors opened, and there it was, like a beacon of hope… McDonalds!

I didn´t come to Europe to eat American foods, but I was ready for food I knew. Spain isn´t exactly world-renowned for its cuisine anyway. I didn´t even know what they ate here before. It´s surprisingly bland. So, I had the best Big Mac I´ve ever eaten in my life, and was, for the first time in days… full. To keep on a roll, I ate at Burger King this morning.

Other than the woes of eating, things have been good. When we actually do stuff, I have fun. It´s just the realities of travel that sometimes irk me. Our day in Sevilla was probably our best yet, but Barcelona looks like it´ll be even better. It´s really beautiful, and has a great energy to it. If only our guide book didn´t make us paranoid about pickpockets.

Off to see the city now… and maybe eat pizza or something.

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