Barcelona, Day Eight

Yesterday was awesome. The best day of the trip so far, hands down. Is this because I ate a Whopper, a hot dog, and hawaiian pizza (not in one sitting)? You decide.

Barcelona is a fabulous city. We love it here, and aren´t leaving. Not really. Yesterday, we walked around a park for a couple hours, which was great. Not a lot of green spaces where we´ve been going, so the change is nice. Then, we walked to the Sagrada Family Cathedral, which will be under construction for the next 50 years or so. But is awesome. Do a google pictures search and see what I mean.

Later, we headed to the Magic Fountains for a water and light show. Kim eats that stuff up. Lots of bouncing around the city on the Metro. Metros in Europe are great. They go everywhere and are fast. Yesterday, there was some kinda problem on one of the lines, so we were packing in a station. Kim wasn´t sure if we´d make it out alive.

Irritant of the day: for some reason, Kim´s Capital One card was declined at our hostel today. Using phones here is really hard, so we´re not sure what the problem is yet. I bet it´s some fucking fraud protection thing, which is stupid because she called before we left to prevent that sort of thing. The account still has credit, so we don´t know what´s going on.

Kim doesn´t think I´m being nice to her, but she´s totally wrong.

Off to see more of the city. Go Oilers!

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