Barcelona- Night Eight

Today was great. It started out with another sub-standard meal, but then picked up. We went to the highest peak in Barcelona, where there´s an amusement park there with rides and stuff. We didn´t go in there, but we did overlook all of the city– which was cool.

After a siesta, we went to the Park Guell, designed by Gaudi. Kim loved it, she was in Mosaic heaven. I love Gaudi´s Modernista designs. They remind me of Dr. Seuss. After that, we went to the Ideal restaurant (literally, that´s what it was called). It was ideal. I had spaghetti with meat sauce, which was exactly what I´d been craving. The waitress even spoke English. It was our Shangri-La.

Since I´ve done some complaining, I should talk about stuff about Spain that I love. I love that we can go all around the cities easily on the Metro, for a Euro a ride (less with our 10 passes). We´ve really taken advantage of that.

I love that people walk their dogs everywhere here. We´re in urban centres, and there are dogs everywhere. It breaks the myth that you need a house to have a dog. Dogs are fine in apartments, as long as you walk them frequently. If only more apartments in Calgary allowed dogs. I want a dog so much now.

We head for Paris tomorrow night. I think we´ll spend tomorrow at the beach.

Go Oilers.

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