Paris, Day Eleven

I am so exhausted. The weather was a bit better today, with no rain. Some fog and a little cold, but manageable.

Yesterday sucked because we traveled all night via train, and didn't get to sleep in the same compartment (they were separated by sex). An old dude in my compartment smelled like sausage and snored like a bear. Not ideal for sleeping. I tried to drown him out with Sigor Ros on my iPod, with mixed results. The iPod can't drown out stink.

When we got into Paris around 9, it was raining. We tried to book our next all-night trip, but learned that it wouldn't fit our schedule. Also, we hadn't eaten much, or showered. And couldn't check in til 2.

Eventually, things improved. We ate. We booked a different train. We walked by the Moulin Rouge.

Today, we went up the Eiffel Tower, then toured the Louvre. Probably didn't eat enough, but had fun nonetheless. But, that is why I am exhausted.


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