Venice, Day Nineteen

First off… QWERTY rules! This place has completely Americanised keyboards, and it is so nice. I love home row! So we’re now in Venice, having left France last night. Our three days in Normandy were pretty great, visiting D-Day beaches and museums and stuff. We’ve been reading a lot about WWII lately, so it was pretty cool.

We’re staying in Verona for the next couple days, but decided to stay on the train all the way to Venice, since we can’t check in until late. The city is very pretty… but our day is kinda sucking (which is why I’m taking refuge in an internet place). Too crowded with tourists. Everything is way overpriced (4.50 Euros for half an hour of internet time!). I’m really happy we’re not staying here.

There’ll be a transit strike here tomorrow, so maybe it’s extra busy today. We have to line up for everything in the heat, then pay too much to people that aren’t that interested in helping us. I think fair Verona will be better, which is why I suggested we go there.

In other news, it seems like every city we go to is celebrating some kind of soccer championships. How the fuck does that work. If you don’t win a championship one week, there’s another one to compete for the next week. Barcelona has won two championships since we started our vacation. I wonder how many more they’ll get before we leave?


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