Verona, Day Twenty

Sorry that I seem to be complaining a lot about a trip many of you wish you were on. I’m usually only on the net when I’m tired. If I have energy, we’re out doing stuff. Still, yesterday wasn’t that great a day.

I just don’t think I like Venice much. The beauty of it has been ruined by its 70% tourism industry. Too crowded to enjoy, and they try and rip you off at every corner. The highlight of my Venice place was either a pizza joint we went to, or the fact that I finished three card solitaire on my iPod for the first time in my life on the train ride out of Venice. The train ride itself was an adventure– they never alert you to what station is coming up, so we got off at the wrong one, then got back on. Then we got off at Verona, but the wrong Verona station. Sadly, we weren’t exactly dropped off at the station, so we didn’t figure out that it was the wrong station until our train left. This station was in the middle of fucking nowhere, with no conceivable way into town. So we waited 20 minutes for another train to take us 7 minutes up the road.

Our Bed and Breakfast is nice though… for a Bed and Breakfast. I don’t really like the idea of staying in somebody else’s house, but it’s nice otherwise. All was made well again when we headed out into the Veronese night. What a beautiful city! No wonder ol’ Willie Shakes chose it as the setting for his big romance (that is, if he ever came here, or saw pictures of here).

I love it though. There’s not a lot to do here in terms of stimulation. Sadly, the best thing in the city is the old Roman Arena, where they put on lavishly decorated operas… from June to September. We thought they were showing symphonies in the Arena in May, but, no, they are in a simple theatre. So we’re skipping on that.

But, it’s been great to just stroll through an old Italian city, with the charms of a smaller centre, and the conveniences of a tourist centre (for instance, they understand English, and this hour of internet time only cost a Euro). We’re thinking we should move here in our old age.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably go in the Arena, and check out the fictional Romeo and Juliet stuff.


PS- Today is our second anniversary. We’re even more romantic than Shakespeare!

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