Florence, Day Twenty-Two

We arrived in Florence this evening, and something happened that was so terrible, travel-wise, that I don’t even want to talk about it. Nothing damaging, everyone is fine. It just involves accommodations and toilets not flushing and… forget about it. I will try not judge an entire city based on one potty.

Still love Verona, even though we didn’t do a whole hell of a lot there. We did all the silly Romeo and Juliet stuff, which was fun. We had a pretty fabolous dinner as well, full of a bunch of seafood that we would never have ordered if we knew that we’d be getting it, but enjoyed it anyway.

Today, we woke up, did some laundry, had some good pizza for lunch, then got on the train to get here… and this thing happened. And ruined my day. Kim is currently looking for another place for us to stay for the next two nights. We should probably eat dinner as well, as long as we can hang on to it until after we get a new room.

In other news, Kim’s dad thoughtfully called for us yesterday to wish us a happy anniversary. Sadly, we did not get the call and instead just got a message that he called. Which made me think all morning that something horrible had happened and someone was dead. I kinda wanted to vomit a bit. We finally got a hold of him, and it was nothing.

I kinda want to go home soon.


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