Florence, Day Twenty-Three

We found a new hotel last night. It’s probably the smallest room we’ve had yet, with no air conditioning, and our private bathroom is down the hall instead of an en suite… but, the toilet actually disposes of human waste. So it’s a fucking palace compared to the last place (even if the toilet had worked in the last one, it was still a dump. You could shower on the toilet, and, in fact, probably had to as there was only two inches between the two).

This morning wasn’t that much fun dealing with all that and lugging around our backpacks from the old hotel to the train station holding place to the new hotel in the sweltering heat. But, other than that, Florence has been good. We walked through a market for a bit, then went to the Duomo. There, we climbed to the top of a tower for a view of the city. We do that everywhere. The view is always good, but it’s also always a fuckload of stairs. I was happy to get to our new place and collapse into bed, then shower.

After a siesta, we went for dinner, where we sat close to a couple from Kansas City. They chatted us up and were good people. It was nice to exercise my English language skills again. The dude was shocked when I told him that we only have 3 downs in Canadian football.

I’ve now read 4 books on this trip. We had to buy more to get us through.

Tomorrow, the David!


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