Rome, Day Twenty-Six

One more sleep before we leave. Well, a half-sleep really, as we have a very early flight. We are so ready to be home. 4 weeks is too long a vacation, especially when it’s a busy vacation, where you have to buy 3 meals a day and stuff.

Yesterday, we went to Vatican City… only to learn that the Sistine Chapel was closed. Who closes on a random Thursday? Ah well, we went to St. Peter’s Basilica instead, then walked around and looked at stuff. We did a really silly tourist thing called the History Elevator, which had panaromic screens and moving seats that brought you on a tour of historical Rome. We thought it would be stupid fun, but it was just stupid. After that, the Pantheon, then we headed back to our hotel to freshen up.

For dinner, we had Ethiopian, which oddly made us homesick. It was the closest approximation to food that we eat at home that we’ve had in awhile. The pasta and pizza here aren’t that similar to the stuff we eat at home. The guy at the restaurant was pretty surprised we were there, and even more surprised that we enjoyed the food and knew how to eat it. I don’t think the white people frequent his joint.

Our plan for today was to wake up early and go to the Sistine Chapel… but we both slept like shit, so we slept in. When we got there, the line-up was all along the wall of the city, almost to the entrance of the square. I’d say it looked a good 2 hours long in the hot sun. Given that I’ve already explained my stance on waiting in long lines to see art, I think you can guess that we skipped it.

We really don’t feel like doing anything else right now. There are other museums, but we’re just too effing tired man. So we hopped on a metro to this internet cafe and looked to find movie times for an English showing of X-Men 3. We just want to sit somewhere cool and relax. Too bad our hotel room sucks so bad, maybe we’d just stay in and read. We’ll go eat again soon then see the movie, our third of the trip. Which is a lot, but it’s really hard to fill 11 hours a day of stuff every day for weeks on end.

Overall, our trip has been great. It’s just too long, which we knew it would be. But, getting here is so hard and expensive that we didn’t want to do it for just a week. 3 one-week trips would be more ideal, but would also be at least twice as expensive. We’ll probably go see the Spanish Steps after this, then call it a vacation in terms of sight seeing.

Tomorrow, the long haul home. When we get there, I don’t think we’ll emerge from our apartment for a solid 48 hours.


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