Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

Even more inconvenient than the truth that Dubyah won the 2000 election. Or 'won', as it were.

An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

Starring: Al Gore

Directed by: Davis Guggenheim

The most frustrating thing about the reception to this movie is how quickly people are to politicise it. Most people on the right wing will immediately dismiss it out of hand because it features Al Gore, the last Democrat to win the popular vote for the Presidency of the United States. I guess I can understand that to a degree, even though he’s been out of the political arena for the past six years, but I do think it’s a shame. Because while this movie has a definite agenda, it’s an apolitical one.

What makes it frustrating isn’t so much that the political debate will keep certain people from seeing the movie, because, really, most people don’t see documentaries anyway. The frustrating part is that it forces anyone talking about the movie to try and point out the other side of the global warming debate, which is pointless and stupid. There aren’t two sides to this debate, at least not two legitimate sides: there’s the facts, which are presented in the movie, and then there’s the other side, which is head-in-the-sand fiction, and isn’t backed by any facts at all.

Global warming is real, it is a imminent threat, and it has become so because of carbon dioxide emissions produced by human beings. If you don’t believe this, and refuse to let this movie convince you of this, then I don’t have time for you and I’m tired of people like you stalling the discussion and necessary actions on this issue. It used to be that people were entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. And when published scientific articles on this subject at nearly 100% agreement on something, I think it’s time to accept it as fact.

The film presents the information in a clear, engaging matter. Or, at least as engaging a manner as a 90 minute powerpoint presentation on scientific principles and climate change by Al Gore could be. Which, is a lot more than you’d initially think it could be. Gore has been giving this presentation for around twenty years, tweaking and improving it along the way. The graphics are stylish, complete with an animated sequence by Matt Groening, the editing between the presentation and scenes of Gore on the road keep the film from dragging, and even the jokes work. If only Gore had shown this level of charisma when running in 2000…

Although, I don’t want to overstate Gore’s charisma. He hasn’t suddenly become Bill Clinton or anything, but his passion for this topic is clear, allowing him to present this immensely important information in a way that grabs your attention, shaking you out of whatever apathy you may have had in regards to climate change. I’m usually loathe to call watching a movie “important”, but if any movie has ever deserved that distinction, An Inconvenient Truth certainly does. I implore you to see it, and then see if you still think there’s a valid debate about this subject, or simply a truth that must be discussed and combated.


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