POST #49: 24 Hours, 49 Posts… 1 Survivor!


It is done, 24 hours o’ blog. I actually think there’s some decent entertainment to be had from my output of this day, and I think I’d do it again next year. Although, that’s too much to think about right now. Me. Bed. Now.

A reminder to all my sponsors: now that the Blogathon was a success, don’t forget to honour your pledges. I believe the organisers will be sending you emails to remind you to pay.

So here’s the final shot of me, fun to compare to the first shot of me from yesterday. Much more shadowy, I’d say.

Sleepy Saint

And here’s a shot of all the canned bevy’s that helped keep us all awake. NOTE: I did not drink them all myself.

Don't worry, we recycle!

So, as a wise man once said… th-th-th-the-That’s All Folks!

POST #48: Movie Trailer Review: The Prestige

Another impressive poster.
My last review of the ‘Thon folks. I’m more excited about it than you are, trust me.

You can view this trailer here:

When you first read that Christopher Nolan is directing a movie starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, and Scarlett Johansson, it kinda sounds like a super-awesome Batman meets Wolverine movie. But, alas, it is not.

That said, after watching the trailer for The Prestige, having no idea what the movie was about before seeing it, it is now on the top of my list of 2006 movies I’m most looking forward to seeing. It does a great job in establishing the tense mood of the movie (or at least, I hope it’s a tense mood, given the trailer and all), and introducing the main plot and meaning behind the movie’s name.

The Prestige is about rival magicians Jackman and Bale, each determined to pull off the best trick. It appears that Bale does so, but the nature of this trick seems rather unnatural. The trailer shows a lot of quick clips that show that the movie should be quite the adventure, without giving the entire plot of the movie away (since I’m still not sure what it’s all about). A great piece of advertising that introduces an unknown property (a rarity in today’s moviescape) without giving it all away before anyone sees it.

The Verdict: I’ll definitely be seeing this one, thanks almost entirely to this trailer.

POST #46: Favourite Albums of 2006 Thus Far

I’ll be honest, I haven’t been embracing 2006 albums as much as I’d like. Too busy with older stuff of late. But there are a few that have caught my attention, so I thought I’d share them here.

Belle and Sebastian – The Life Pursuit
Probably my favourite album of the year so far. Possibly the group’s best work to date.

The Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
So much fun. About as much fun as you’d think a record by a band with “Monkeys” in their name would be.

The Stills – Without Feathers
Saw them perform this live before the album came out. It’s pretty solid in its own right, if not as good as their debut.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones
I don’t like it as much as Fever to Tell but am coming around to the new sound and recognise it as worth my time.

Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere
THE hip-hop album of the year for people not much into hip-hop. “Crazy” is THE song of the summer.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins – Rabbit Furcoat
Not as good as any of Rilo Kiley’s albums, but a worthwhile side project.

Morrissey – Ringleader of the Tormentors
A transition record for Moz that shows a bit of an optimistic streak mixed in with the standard pessimism.

Johnny Cash – American V: A Hundred Highways
If you liked the other American records, then you’ll like this one too.

POST #45: Status Report

Five more posts to go! Of course, I’m fresh out of ideas and motivation to make those posts, but I’ll make it through. This is crunch time and I’m not about to let you all down. Of course, most of you are probably reading this hours after I’ve already posted for the last time, so you’ll have to let me know if I make this. (Don’t let the future paradox blow your mind!)

Skooch just left, leaving me alone in the home stretch. It’s probably for the best. Now I can just lose myself in posts and the movie I’m watching Serenity, which is fantastic. Here’s my review of it:

I’ve moved on to snacking on chips and dip now. I’m hoping I won’t have to eat another meal, but I probably will. Maybe cereal will do the trick.

There’s only a few posts left, so the time for requests is now!

POST #44: The Death Penalty

WAAAAAAYYY back at post nine I told you all about the charity I’m blogging for today, Amnesty International, and in doing so, mentioned that I was opposed to the death penalty. I figured I’d explain my position on that.

There’s plenty of reasons to be against capital punishment. The easiest reason is that it is an irreversible punishment that is sometimes assigned to innocent people. A lot of those people do get their convictions turned over through the appeals process, but I don’t believe for one minute that people haven’t been executed that were innocent. I can’t think of anything a state could that is worse than killing innocent citizens of its own country.

But more than that, the death penalty doesn’t work. It’s more expensive to execute someone then hold them in prison for the rest of their lives, given the extensive appeals process involved. Worse, you can’t convince me for a second that it acts as a deterrent for violent offenders. Most violent crimes occur in moments of passion, where people act without consideration of the consequences. They think no more about that fact that this could lead to their execution as they think about it could lead to life in prison. For career violent criminals, the threat of death is an ordinary facet of their lives, so added state-sponsored execution really doesn’t change things. What it does change is the level of desperation for those who committed a capital offense in a moment of passion. Knowing that capture and conviction for their crime will lead to their death only makes them that much more desperate to avoid capture, meaning that they have more incentive to kill anyone who could make that happen. After all, the state can’t kill them twice.

The only legitimate argument I know for the death penalty is pure vengeance. I get that if someone did something horrible to you, you’d wish them harm, even death. If someone were to rape and murder my wife, then yes, I’d want them dead. I’d want to kill them myself. Which is why it’s a good thing I wouldn’t be sentencing them. Because vengeance is no way for a civilised society to operate. It’s a slippery slope that we really shouldn’t be sliding. The fact that the United States and Japan are the only modern, first-world countries that still practice capital punishment (including North America, almost all of South America, Australia, and the entire European Union) shows it to be an outmoded practice, generally exercised by dictators as a means to control its populace.

So I support Amnesty International in their campaign to abolish capital punishment, and you can too by pledging your support to this Blogathon by clicking here.