Blogathon 2006

On Saturday, July 29th at 0600 Pacific Time, I will begin a 24 hour blogathon for charity. I will post on my blog every 30 minutes for 24 hours. I’ve chose Amnesty International as my charity, and you can help me in this pursuit by pledging money to help support my blogathon, either in a lump sum or per hour, by clicking HERE. For more information about the blogathon, click HERE.

As for what I’ll be blogging about, I’ll let the day and my state of mind (which I imagine will deteriorate as the night progresses) decide. The posts will be more substantial then a couple sentences, and will most likely track my progress through words, pictures, and possibly even my first ever voice post! has already pledged to make a guest appearance some time in the day, so expect a guest post or two from him. And, since this is me, I’m sure there will be some kind of review or list on pop culture or two. In addition, I’m asking for any ideas for post topics from all of you. Leave a topic in comment that you’d like to read my thoughts about, be it cheese or how I met my wife or whatever, and I’ll pull from the list anytime I’m out of posting ideas.

I hope it will be fun and do some good. I appreciate any pledge you may be able to make, and if you want to pass the message on to others, that would be great as well. Also, on the day of the big event, I invite you to check out my progress and give me encouragement with as many comments as you’d like.

Click here to pledge your support.

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