Prelude to a Blogathon

I’m just finishing up my lunch break, then will have four hours more to work. I stayed up late last night to make sure I’d be tired tonight. When I get home, I won’t nap at all, probably clean up a bit, have dinner, then go get groceries. Not only do we need food, but I also need supplies for the Blogathon to help me stay awake, like readily available snack foods and energy drinks. I’m hoping to get some healthy snacks (along with some unhealthy ones), because having too junk only makes you crash. I’ll probably get a few Red Bulls, since I don’t drink coffee.

I’m hoping to go to bed early, around 10:30-11. I want to get a good night’s sleep, but don’t want to go to bed too early and wind up waking up too early tomorrow. That’d be terrible. My plan is to wake up at about ten to 7, make my first post, then proceed with the waking up motions.

I’ve been thinking a lot in the past few days about what I’m going to post about, so I should have a good amount of material. My big worry (other than drowsiness) is that my posts will take too long and I’ll constantly be blogging with no breaks. Hello, carpal tunnel!

Anyway, if you were interested in sponsoring me in the blogathon, you can still do so (even tomorrow, I believe). To do so, you have to set up an account with the people running it, so they can email you later to collect your payment (right now, you just pledge- paying comes later). It takes a few minutes, they’re basically just after you name and email address. Go HERE to make a pledge.

If you can’t afford it, I completely understand. But if you’re still interested in my Blogathon, you can help by checking in throughout the day and responding to my posts. I’ll need the entertainment.

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