POST #1: Let the Madness Begin

Alright, let’s do this thing. I’m up; I’m ready; it’ll be a long day o’ typing. I didn’t get all the sleep I wanted to get, so this day will be harder than I wanted it to be, especially in the next few hours. Why couldn’t it have started later? Not that it matters much, since I woke up before my alarm went off. I guess I’m excited.

I went to bed at a decent time last night, 10:30. But, as I feared, my body treated it like a nap, and I woke up about ten minutes later. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep until 12:30. So I’ll be working with 6 hours of sleep. Boooooooo.

Oh well, maybe I’ll catch some quick naps throughout the day. I’ll have my alarm clock with me in the living room so I don’t lose track of time and miss a post. But I do worry that if I lay down to sleep, my mind will completely shut down and I’ll never recover. So we’ll see how tired I am before I try and nap. Excited energy should at least get me through the next couple of hours.

I’ve got lots of ideas for different posts, so there should be a good amount of decent content today. Here’s a few ground rules:

1) I won’t be proof reading for the most part, so you’ll just have to let typos and such go. If they wind up being funny typos, feel free to comment. They may get worse as the day wears on. Any reviews that I’d normally save for posterity are to be considered first drafts.

2) I appreciate any comments you leave on my journal, but I may not respond to them. I can only type so much, and don’t want to waste posts. Rest assured, I’m reading them all. I may respond to some comments through later posts.

3) Not all my posts will be exactly on the 00 and 30 marks, but they will be around that time.

With that, it is 7:00 am MST and it is time for post #1!

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