POST #11: Top 5 Tegan and Sara songs, number four

Who doesn't love lesbians? You know, besides hate-mongers.
Along with having all their albums, I’ve also seen Tegan and Sara in concert twice. The first time was with them as headliners, which you can read about HERE, the next time was when they opened up for The Killers, which you can read about HERE.

4. “Divided” from Under Feet Like Ours
I first heard this song at the first concert of theirs I went to, since I wasn’t able to buy Under Feel Like Ours until that night (it isn’t available in stores, only at shows and Ebay and stuff). It’s representative of their earlier, acoustic-based music, when they were more Alternative Folk than Indie Pop. Recorded in 1999 (at a studio about two minutes away from my house), the song leads off the album with a recording of a young Tegan and Sara, then breaks into a quiet, acoustic ballad. The song is nothing more than two girls with guitars, with no other accompaniment, with Tegan on lead vocals. It shows that they two can do quieter, more serious songs along with the more uptempo, catchy numbers. My favourite lyric is the first one, “Go downtown to catch the early moive. The shows are cheaper there and they don’t mind if you put your feet up”, simply because I’m pretty sure I know which theatre she’s talking about, and I loved that place. I miss it (unless she’s talking about the ones that still exist, in which case, I love them too and go all the time).

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