POST #12: Dane Cook is a Hack

I gotta make a quick post here, since I’m in the middle of writing a longer one. I know some of you out there are big Dane Cook fans, and I don’t really have a problem with that. I don’t listen to or watch the guy at all (I’ve only seen him on SNL that one time), so I can’t judge. However, I had heard rumblings that he stole his act from Louis CK, another guy who I don’t listen to or watch (I saw the first episode of Lucky Louie, which was kind of funny, but a crappy show).

Last night, I found a link that puts clips of CK doing his act from his 2001 CD and mixed in clips of Cook doing bits from a 2003 show. And they are incredibly similiar, to the point where it’s hard to refute that Cook outright stole the jokes.

Listen to the comparison here:

What’s my point here? It’s sad that Dane Cook is getting rich off of Louis CK’s bits since CK is still out there working, but isn’t getting half the attention. What’s sad is I think that people like the jokes coming from Cook more than Louis because Dane looks like this, while Louis looks like this. Which is to say that Cook looks like someone his core audience would look up to, and CK does not.

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