POST #16: 2006 – The Year in Movies thus Far

So far, I’ve seen 20 movies released in 2006, and I gotta tell ya, the pickings thus far have been slim. Years always start off slow, with studios dumping crappy films to counter the high-minded Oscar baiting stuff, and hoping that they’ll win a weekend because there isn’t much else out. The summer season usually picks things up, but this year has been the worst blockbuster season in recent memory. So many dull movies that have disappointed me this year. I haven’t seen the biggest movie of the summer, Pirates 2, but have seen most of the other big ones, and have been disappointed.

The two best non-fiction of the year thus far both come out on DVD in August, V for Vendetta and Inside Man, so you should check them out then if you haven’t already. Other than those two, the best have been documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth, Word Play, and Why We Fight. In terms of big excitement, Mission: Impossible III delivered surprisingly well. For a different kind of movie, I suggest you check out Neil Young: Heart of Gold.

Other than that… Superman Returns was dull, The Da Vinci Code was average, Cars was pretty, but boring, Lucky Number Slevin was hackish, A Scanner Darkly was more interesting than entertaining, Clerks II was mindless fun, and X-Men: The Last Stand hurt my soul.

So, Oscar season better blow me away, and even then, I’m not sure it’ll be enough to rescue this year. I’m thinking I’ll see Lady in the Water, even though I’m dubious, and Miami Vice which looks better than it has any business being.

If you want to read my reviews on any of the above mentioned movies, I have them all indexed HERE, along with all my other movie reviews.

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