Post #19: Shameless Plug Post

Just in case someone is reading this blog for the first time ever, I figure I should plug my other blog home on livejournal, It’s a community dedicated to writing reviews and making lists about pop culture. Founded by my friend Scott based on an idea we had when we were bored one day at work, we’ve been doing it for almost two years now, getting different people to join and share their opinions.

I like it because it gives me another place to express my opinions on the things I enjoy, where other passionate people might read them and share their own. I do post all my reviews here on my own blog, but I know that a lot of people here aren’t that interested and skip them (preferring to read posts that are actually about me). Since I’ve started posting there, my critical faculty has improved quite a bit. As a consequence, crappy movies don’t entertain me as much, but good movies entertain me even more. The same is true for music and television.

So, check it out if your a member of livejournal. There’s some cool people there that make it a good place to get into comment discussions about movies, tv, music, books, comics and so on. Right now, we’re having a Best TV Show EVER tournament, where we vote on head-to-head matchups of television show. The third round of which ends tonight at 10 pm MST.

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