POST #20: Top 5 George Clooney films

To give you an idea of the sort of thing we do at topfive_reviews, I decided to do a Top Five post, without stretching it into five posts. I already did this list when we first started the community, but since then, I’ve seen more movies by the Cloonster which alters the list. This also shows that no list at T5R is permanent, so people shouldn’t sweat their selections too much. If you have an opinion, go ahead and post it. You can always change it later.

I generally don’t answer the question, “who’s your favourite actor” because the truth is, actors don’t get me to watch movies. I watch them for stories, and there are directors who get me into the theatre. But it’s rare that I’ll ever watch a movie just because of the presence of one of the performers, and there’s few actors that will make me not watch a movie I’d otherwise be interested in. But, if I were to answer the question, I’d probably go with Clooney, who exudes a certain brand of masculine charm that I admire and, in truth, would like to exude myself. I also admire his choices as an actor (in terms of roles), using his celebrity to get intelligent movies made that maybe otherwise wouldn’t. That said, he’s still not enough to make me watch Solaris. I’ve seen 15 of his movies. The ones that I’ve missed, besides Solaris are Intolerable Cruelity, Spy Kids 3-D, Welcome to Collinwood, The Perfect Storm, and anything in his pre-ER days.

5. O Brother, Where Art Thou? – First off, I think this movie is fantastic. That it’s number five on the list bespeaks to the quality choices Clooney has made in his career post-Batman & Robin. Clooney gets to show off his notorious comedic side in this one, playing off his suave reputation to generate laughs at his expense.

4. Good Night, and Good Luck. – Because this is a list of Clooney the actor, not Clooney the director, his supporting role in this role moves it down to number four, even though I think it’s a five star movie. Clooney proves that he can work around his star power in a supporting role for a lead (David Strathairn) that is much less famous than he. Also: he can direct.

3. Syriana – His Oscar winning role at number three! No wonder he might be my favourite actor. Of course, it’s not his best performance anyway, given that it’s a supporting role and he mostly got it because he got fat for it, and voters love that shit. Still, it really is a great performance, showing his maturity as an actor.

2. Ocean’s Eleven – One of my all-time favourites, powered mostly on Clooney’s undeniable cool. The other actors also have their own cool, but Clooney (and director Steven Soderbergh) are what make it work.

1. Out of Sight – Last time I did this list, I reversed one and two, but that’s because I was on an Ocean’s Eleven kick in anticipation of the somewhat underwhelming Ocean’s Twelve. This is the superior movie and the superior performance. This is the defining role of Clooney’s career, and too few people have seen it. If you’re one of those people, you should seriously consider putting an end to that injustice.

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