POST #23: View Askewniverse Monopoly

This otherwise dull venture of playing Star Wars Monopoly (for reasons unbeknownst to us, I’m still alive in the game, even though the outcome is not in doubt) has led us to a brainstorm: what would go into a View Askewniverse version of Monopoly?

It’s tough, even though there’s now been six movies in the View Askew world (Jersey Girl doesn’t count, because it’s not part of that universe), a few comics and a cartoon, because Kevin Smith sets all his movies in the same places.

You need 8 different places to make up a Monopoly board. So far, we come up with the following:

– The most obvious: Quick Stop/RST Video, this will be a three spot section
– Eden Prairie Mall (the cookie stand will not be a part of the food court)
– The Dirt Mall (this should be the cheap Baltic two-spot)
– Mooby’s Funtime Restaurant
– Mooby’s Corporate Headquarters
– Bank Hold Up Productions (comprised of the studio, Holden’s loft, and Brodie’s Secret Stash)
– Miramax’s back lot

We need an eighth place, so we’d appreciate ideas. We’re also thinking about what the railroads will be. We were thinking about places of worship, but can only think of three things that would fit: the church Bethany attends before going to the abortion clinic, Cardinal Glick’s church, and the funeral home where Julie Dwywer’s wake was held. We’ll come up with fourth… just you wait.

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