POST #25: Even MORE View Askew Monopoly ideas

What a great way to fill up content! And since I’m the only one reading, it works out as a great way to get my thoughts down for this completely hypothetical situation.

Mooby’s Corporate Headquarters is the Boardwalk spot on our fictional board, so it breaks down into two spots: the lobby and the boardroom.

Miramax’s backlot is comprised of the front gate, the set for Bluntman and Chronic, and the set for Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season.

And we decided that the eighth location is the animated town of Leonardo, which features the Quicker Stop, the Court Room, and Leonardo Leonardo’s Tower.

The tokens for the game will be:
– Jay
– Silent Bob
– Dante Hicks
– Randall Graves
– Brodie Bruce
– Banky Edwards
– Bartelby
– Loki
– Roofus
– Buddy Christ
– Susanne the Monkey
– Bluntman
– Chronic
– Becky
– Alyssa Jones

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