POST #29: Dinner Break

We ordered Ethiopian food to eat tonight. I love the stuff, but tonight’s order wasn’t as good. It wasn’t that warm when it got here, and the bread was too thick. Hopefully, it’ll be better when we have leftovers. Skooch tried it for the first time, but it was too spicy for him.

I’m started to get pretty tired now. The mind is slipping a bit, with more bad keystrokes and less memory retention. Which is stupid, because it’s only 9:00. Not exactly past bedtime, even on days I work. I really wish I had slept better last night.

We’re watching some Criss Angel: Mindfreak episodes that my Digital Cable box recorded. I’ve seen these ones, but they’re new to Skooch. It’s such a great show. You all should really check it out. The guy blows my mind.

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