POST #31: How I Met My Wife

Time to dip back into _luckyxii’s question bag. It’s not too late for you all to suggest topics for posts. This is the story of how I met Kim. Actually, this is the short version of how I met Kim, if you want the long version, I posted it on our old website HERE.

My wife and I met on a trip across Canada. My prof at Mount Royal put together a travel study course that taught about Canadian culture and history, where a busload of 16 students toured the country from coast to coast for the month of August. During the day, we’d usually do something educational and cultural, and at night we had free time (unless we were driving all night). In the end, we got college credits for it. Yes, it sounds awesome, because it was, but no, that course isn’t offered anymore (only the once, because the universe only designed it so the two of us could meet).

The more romantic version of the story has us travelling Canada together, falling in love. That’s probably the story the kids will get. But the truth is, we didn’t get involved until after the trip was over. The reason? When the trip began, Kim had a boyfriend (that she had fallen out of love with some time previous, but kept around out of habit I guess).

I respected that boundary (to my disappointment), then wound up hooking up with a different chick. It was a brief relationship that helped snap me out of a two year funk. Kim befriended that chick, then poached me away when we got back (well… not quite, we were about to break up on her accord anyway). So, a month or so after the trip we started dating, and everything fell into place easily and naturally. It’s all been bliss since then, as loving her is the easiest thing I do.

It’s pretty awesome that we met on such an unlikely trip. It probably is why we love travelling so much. But, it doesn’t really provide much hope for the single folk, as I can’t really give them advice like “meet your soulmate on a travel study program by dating different people”. It was such random luck that sounds like fate, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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