POST #6: The Most Canadian Thing Ever

Do you Canadians out there remember The Sweater, Roch Carrier’s classic children’s story published in 1979 about a young French boy and his Maurice Richard Montreal Canadiens sweater? It’s an absolute classic and the most Canadian memory I have as a child.

Even better than the story itself, which we read in school, is the National Film Board’s animated short of it from 1980. The animation is fantastic, done in fluid pencil crayons and is wonderfully expressive. Well, I found it on the NFB’s website, and you can watch it here:

If any American out there want to understand the Canadian identity and the bonds it has with the game of hockey, I suggest you check it out. It’s also a lot of fun, besides being an allegory about the cultural divide in our country between English and French. It’s a little over ten minutes long.

Trivia bit: an exerpt from the story is printed on the back of our five dollar bill.

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