POST #7: Top 5 Tegan and Sara songs, number five

No, I'm the cute one!
For this blogathon, asked me what my favourite band was (and why) as a possible blog topic. Instead of a simple answer, I’ve decided to post my top five favourite songs by my favourite band, Tegan and Sara. I’ll spread them out over five posts to make it easier for myself.

I’ve loved Tegan and Sara’s music now since I discovered it in 2002. Given their asthetic, I’d have to classify them as indie pop, but in truth, they just make pop music. Sadly, in our day and age, pop music has become synonomous with sterile, manufactured, simple music made for crappy radio stations. It used to be about music with a certain structure and feel. The Beatles made pop music before it became a bad word.

Tegan and Sara Quinn are twin sisters from my hometown of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They actually grew up in the same community as me (Marlborough Park), but I’ve never met them (I’m older than them, and went to Catholic school, whereas they went to public school). They have four albums, including the self-released Under Feet Like Ours. Of course, I have all of their CDs, and will soon have all three of their label releases on vinyl (just waiting for If It Was You to arrive in the mail). They’ve gotten more popular in recent years by having their songs featured on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, and The L Word, but still aren’t as popular as they probably should be. They mostly make love songs, both bouncy fun ones and sadder ones, full of clever lyrics and dueling harmonies. If you’re not listening to them, you really ought to be.

5. “Underwater” from If It Was You
This one is a Sara song, and has what is probably my favourite Tee and Ess lyric ever in it: “I would go to jail with only boys just to prove I was as tough as you. When I get out for good behaviour, I’ll be writing love songs. Silly bangin’ knee songs”. It perfectly captures what their music is about: sure, they could write more serious, feminista anthems to establish their cred (and they did so more with their first two albums), but what they do best is love songs, they’re not ashamed of that, and nothing is gonna stop them from doing so, and doing so with wit and charm. The track is backed by a jangling guitar that is pretty much impossible to resist, much like Tegan and Sara’s music in general.

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