POST #38: The Marriage Decision

Another pre-blog question I received from _luckyxiii was “Why did you decide to get married?”. Since I have to post in eight minutes, I figured this was the perfect time to answer that question, since it’s so easy.

Deciding to marry Kim was such a no-brainer that it hardly even qualifies as a decision. There’s nothing about her I wasn’t completely in love with, and no part of my life that she didn’t make better. I’m the best version of myself when with her, and she gives me such a powerful blend of inner peace and strength just knowing that she’s in my corner. I always knew that I’d get married in my life one day, so that wasn’t an issue to get over, it was all about meeting the right person. I met the exact right person, and the rest was history.

If anyone else has some softballs to lob at me that can help fill the last ten posts, bring em on!

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