POST #39: The Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To

I’ve been to a goodly amount of concerts in this past few years, and I have the shirts to prove it. I even went to one two nights ago, featuring Feist and Broken Social Scene. For awhile there, the best concert I’d ever been to was often the last concert I went to, because I had such a great time, and they each had something to offer. But now, the answer to that question has been the same for a few concerts in a row.

That answer? Stars! I’ve seen them live twice, so it’s the most recent time I saw them perform in February of this year. The best thing about live music is hearing real musicians perform live interpretations of their songs. Stars are a collection of incredibly talented performers who really deliver the goods when it comes to fleshing out their sounds. But more than that, they’re really theatrical in their delivery, which made this concert special. It was a perfectly structured playlist, opening with “The Theme from the Stars”, which is precisely how you would start a movie about them. They would then move through the catalogue, moving tempos up and down to keep the crowd into it, building to the transcendent crescendo of “He Lied About Death”. It was such a powerful moment, with the stage flooded in fiery reds and yellows while Torquil dramatically pantomimed the meaning behind the lyric “keep watching the sky… ’cause you might get lucky again”. I’ll be honest, I never really understood the track until that moment, so it was pretty powerful. Then they hit us with the wall of sound at the end of the track, before leaving the stage to set up the encore. By that point I already knew “this is the greatest concert I’ve ever seen”.

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