POST #41: Movie Trailer Review: Rocky Balboa

What an epic poster! I think putting together this post might take me longer than it did for them to come up with this poster.
To see the trailer for yourself, go here:

I’d heard that they were making this movie, but I had no idea that they had started the advertising campaign until I saw the link to the trailer a few minutes ago. Out of morbid curiousity, I watched it.

Of course, I never had any interest in seeing this movie, so this trailer had a lot to accomplish to get my money in Christmastime 06. How’d it do? About as well as you think it would.

Which is to say, not very. Honestly, watching it just made me sad. I mean, I don’t really think that much of Sly Stallone as an actor, so I guess I’m not that sad for him. But still… life can’t be that bad that a sixty year old man has to now play a boxer character that he first created 30 years ago and ran into the ground with four sequels. Also, Rocky really wasn’t that great to begin with.

What’s even sadder about this trailer is that it relies almost solely on re-hashing the iconic moments from past movies to generate interest. So Rocky is running up the stairs, wearing the toque (that’s Canadian for wool hat to you Americans out there), punching the beef. There’s no “AAAAADRIAAAAAAAN!!!” moment, but that’s only because there’s no Adrian in this movie. Wow, that’s even sadder that Talia Shire has better things to do and more self-respect than Rambo.

The Verdict: I will never see this movie. Ever.

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