My Weekend

It turns out that my big weekend in Edmonton went a lot better than the shower before it. I guess the shampoo-in-the-eye incident was the sacrifice to the god of luck that needed to happen.

Poker was alright, but we only played one game. I got there at 5:30, but we weren’t able to get a fourth until after 7. So, instead we sat there and watched season one of the American Office. I’ve never really watched that show, because I didn’t like the original, but I thought it pretty funny. I think we’ll give season three a shot when it starts.

Since we didn’t have much time for poker, we played a quick game with no nuisance betting and divided the chips evenly with no difference in value between them (1 chip = 1 point, regardless of colour). It was a good way of seeing where your checks were going. I won the first pot, which was fairly healthy, so for a long period of time, I was just playing with everyone else’s chips. I didn’t have to touch my stack of green. (For those curious, I won the showdown with trip Jacks on the turn, taking my opponent’s pair of Kings).

From there, I was able to stick around for some flops that I otherwise would’ve folded out, since I was playing with other people’s chips. Once I was no longer high stack (I tried to bluff my way out of a high card Ace that didn’t develop), I ran away and hid for a bit while the others took out each other. It was pretty easy to do, since I was mostly getting rags that I had no desire to play anyway. The game almost got away from me when Boman, who took out the first player (Alex), was about to take out the other (Tej). His stack probably would’ve been to high for me to do anything about it, especially with my modest stack. Luckily, Tej won the all in, dividing their stacks fairly evenly. Also luckily, my luck turned and I was able to get back in it.

I took Boman out by flopping a Jack/Seven two pair, when Boman had a Jack/Queen pocket, thinking he had me beat with the pair. Nothing higher than a Seven was on the board, so I figured I had the best hand. When he tried to go over the top on me, I went back at him all-in and took him down, almost doubling up (I had a slight edge in chips). After that, nothing much of interest happened. I had over double the stack of Tej, so I mostly just stole his blinds, and folded when he had something. Eventually, when we mostly had lost interest in the game and were more looking forward to the draft, I drew him all-in and beat him with a pair of Jacks when I had the high card (he also had a pair of Jacks). So, I won! Sadly, we were only playing a five dollar buy-in, and Alex didn’t have the change at the beginning of the game and I forgot to get it from him before I left. So, whoo-hoo! Ten bucks! Ah well, it was fun.

The draft went better than expected. I honestly believe that this is the strongest team I’ve ever had coming out of a fantasy football draft (this being my ninth year). We’ll see how the season goes, but for now, I feel like I’m in good shape to make a run for my fourth championship. I’ll write a more detailed post about the draft for Tono later, as I can’t imagine anyone else is interested.

On Sunday, Kim and I got to hang out all day! Finally! Okay, we did that two weeks ago all weekend in BC, but this time we got to do our things. We ate out twice, then went to a movie. Review to follow.

All in all, a pretty great weekend. Which is good, because the week has been quite a drag thus far. And it’s only Wednesday.

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