Meet Gromit, the newest Saint

Our first meeting
Here he is, the new love of our lives. The above picture was taken right when we met our new puppy, when the breeders met us at a parking lot in Airdrie (they live in Didsbury). He’s so little!

Gromit the Beagle
This picture was taken in his crate when we first got him in the car. He didn’t end up travelling in it though, as Kim decided that he needed to sit in her lap the whole way. I believe she fell in love after two minutes, which is almost as quickly as when she fell in love with me.

Snow Dog
When we got home, we let him sniff around a bit. He didn’t seem impressed with all the snow.

The nose knows.
When we got him inside, he was tentative at first, but eventually started to sniff things out. Luckily, he didn’t wander around too much into all our stuff still on the floor.

Ol' Blue Eyes
I promise, Kim spent time with the puppy too, it just happened that she was more camera happy than I, so I’m in all the pictures. I’m sure this isn’t the last time Gromit will appear on LJ, either here on her mostly-defunct livejournal. Oh, and his eyes aren’t blue, that’s just the flash.

Wanna see him in action? Here’s a video:

The tag on his collar kept hitting the water bowl, which would frighten him. That’s why he jumps back while lapping.

So, mostly, he was a lot of fun last night. Until bedtime. We gave him his own room (our spare bedroom) and set him up with a playpen, his crate, some pee-pads and some toys. We played with him for a bit in the room, then when he got preoccupied chewing on a towel, we calmly left the room. After a bit, he noticed we were gone, and started whining. We went downstairs to get ready to watch TV, and he just kept getting louder, eventually getting into a howl. But, we held our ground and he eventually settled down and went to sleep, so we could relax and watch Heroes and Studio 60 (on peasant vision, the good TV is still broken).

Everything was going fine, with us congratulating ourselves on what great puppy owners we were, until about a half hour after we got to sleep. Gromit woke up and started whining again, then really howling. We let it go for awhile, but then figured he was too new to this house to leave alone. After all, he was with his mama this morning. When we went into his room, he was howling and trying to climb his pen… the floor of which he covered in poo. I guess I’d be howling too at that point. Luckily, he didn’t go in his crate, so at least he’s gotten that down. In fact, he seems to pee on his pad (or near it), more often than not. So Kim cleaned the floor up while I comforted the poor little guy, he was shaking he was so anxious. I’ll have to get it next time.

So we moved his pen and crate into our bedroom, beside me by our bed. Kim has allergies, so we don’t want him all over our bed. We comforted him for a bit, then tried to go to sleep… and he wasn’t much interested in that. More whining, until we managed to calm him down enough to curl into a ball near me (but still in his pen). He slept for about two hours until we went through it all again, rinse, repeat. So not a lot of sleep for any of us the first night. I am so tired. Here’s hoping tonight goes better.

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