More Gromit!

Sick of seeing pictures of my puppy? You will be! He’s getting bigger already, but he’s still tiny.
If he looks happy, that's cause we're letting him out of his crate to inflict terror!

My two loves
Last time was pictures from our first day with Gromit, and Kim was taking most of the pictures. That’s why she wasn’t in much of them. But this is her and Gromit enjoying her favourite, “quiet puppy time”. There’s less and less of that as the days go by.

Better than a lap dog!
One day, he may get to be too big to comfortably sit on my lap. That’ll be a sad day.

He's doing the same thing right now
Gromit loves to sleep on the mat under the computer at my feet. In fact, if I’m blogging, there’s a good chance he’s doing that (as he is right now).

Get that bunny!
But, he doesn’t just sleep all the time. He loves his toys… and anything he can chew.

Squeaker is probably his favourite.
Take that, Krypto!
Suuu-per Puppyyyyyy!!! I’m not sure he likes to “fly”, but I like making him fly. That’s what’s important, after all, since I’m the master.

All the flying and bunny chasing must’ve made him sleepy.

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