After the Half

I started my comeback, the score is now 27-23, putting me down by 4. He’s gotten a couple of sacks by the Bears and another PAT, while things started to look bad for me. Marques Colston dropped a TD pass, Tom Brady came up a yard and a half short on a quarterback sneak, and Deuce McAllister was stopped on the goal line twice in a row, followed by an incomplete pass to Colston.

Luckily, Sean Payton has huge, huge balls and went for it on fourth down for the third time in the first half, and the Saints (the football team for New Orleans, not me and my wife) threw a TD to Colston. Somewhere in there Heath Miller scored a one yard TD, which was awesome because I wasn’t going to start him. When I first posted my starters, I put in Bo Scaife in at tight end, but because he’s injured, I reluctantly switched in Miller against the Ravens, figuring that I wouldn’t get any points either way. So… yay!

Throw in a Tom Brady TD pass, and I was down by three. I was in a position to go up by three, but Josh Scobee missed a 53 yard kick, which puts us where we are now.

Oh, and Gromit is going nuts, running back and forth for no reason. Which… is pretty common for him.

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