Going into Monday Night

No more TDs today, so LT let me down for the first time all season. He got me 2 points on yardage, but Vernon Davis did the same for my opponent, so no difference in the point differential, I’m down 48-45 going into a Eagles DST vs Terry Glenn matchup, which I need to win outright (a tie does not help me). I need a Christmas miracle (stupid kickers).

Well, time to spend some of the holiday with my family.


The Oppression of Time

The clock is ticking away, and LT has yet to score. He broke out one big run, which had me yelling at the TV while making myself hot dogs (and keeping Gromit from jumping on the counter… never should’ve given him that piece of cheese), but was run out of bounds before he scored. Then sometime when I was probably taking Gromit outside, he had a 47 yarder called back on a penality, so I’m glad I missed that.

Matt Hasselback has lost 2 points on interceptions, so the score is now 46-43. I have at least 2 more points coming to me on LT yardage, so it remains close. But I don’t want it close, I want LT to get me points!!!

The Morning Games are Over

Going into the afternoon, with all the yardage and DST scores added up, I’m down 48-43. This is a tight game. But now my big weapon takes the field, LaDainian effing Tomlinson, who is having the greatest fantasy season in history. He’s averaging about 25 points a game, and it looks like I’ll need them. So for now, it’s LT vs Matt Hasselback and Vernon Davis, with the Eagles DST for me and Terry Glenn for him going tomorrow night.

Idiot Kickers

I’m down 43-39, largely because Robbie Gould has 14 points for my opponent, and Josh Scobee only has 2 points for me. Had I started John Carney like I have for the past two weeks, he’d have scored 12 points for me. If I lose by ten or less, I will have to shoot myself.

The Slayers pull ahead!

Robbie Gould tacked on another field goal for my opponent to put him at 36, but Deuce finally reached the endzone to put me at 36. Add Marvin Harrison’s 112 yards, and I’m up 38-36. Technically, he’ll probably end up getting at least 4 more points from Jones-Drew for yardage, but I don’t calculate those scores until after the game is final (he could still lose yards, or pick up 50 more). But I’ll get at least 2 from Tom Brady for yardage, so we’re pretty much tied right now.

Sadly, I started the wrong kicker this week. I hope this doesn’t haunt me.

Marvelous MARVIN!!!

Marvin Harrison scores his second TD, putting the game at 34-30! I was high on Harrison going into the draft, while everyone else was looking at other receivers, thinking he was too old. My philosophy is that I’ll wait til Harrison actually has an off season, instead of predicting every year that this will be the season he has one. I was considering drafting him in the first round, until it became apparent that I could get him in the second. Yay me!