The Funnest Ever!

We enrolled Gromit into Bright Puppy classes, which are mostly about socializing him with other pups. Obediance training will come later. Included in his Wednesday night classes is “Puppy Playtime”, an hour on Friday night where you can bring your puppy to come play with all the other puppies without instruction. We took Gromit there last night after he got his shots, and OMG was it ever fun.

There was probably somewhere around 50 puppies or so there, so it was pretty crowded. When you get there, you take your pup’s leash and collar off, and hold him until the organizer says “go play”, then you let your pup go and they intermingle. Humans are to stay off to the side so the puppies can learn how to deal with one another. Gromit is kinda anti-social though, so he’d often sniff around the outside, walking under the chairs and people’s legs. I don’t think it’s so much shyness as it’s indifference. He cares more about smells than dogs, so once he’s done sniffing their bum, he’s no longer interested in the other pup.

Although, it’s possible he just learned this behaviour from us, cause as the puppies are playing, a lot of owners mingle and chat with one another. What do Kim and I do? Stay off to the sides, watching our Grommy.

At different intervals, they tell you to grab your puppy, hold him for a bit, then everyone sets them free again. This keeps them from getting too crazy or anxious. Then they do something even more fun… they tell you to just grab a random puppy! They’ll say something like “grab a black puppy”, and you grab the first black puppy you can, until they’re all grabbed. We got to handle a bunch of puppies! Not just our own! Puppies are so awesome. This helps the pups be more social, and everyone we grabbed was friendly. This is the difference between puppies and cats or even dogs… they like being touched and held, even by strangers.

When the hour was up, we took Gromit home and he slept the rest of the night. What a great night.

The keys get him into his pen

We gave Gromit his new teething keys that his aunt Kelly got him to Christmas. That kept him occupied for a good hour.

We finally took the tree down today.

Here’s a Christmas pic. Luckily, Kim’s hand is protecting my boy’s modesty with his back leg. He’s getting so big!

Old man puppy

His wrinkly face can make him look so old sometimes. I swear, he’s not a senior canine yet.

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