The Third Annual Andy Movie Awards

And now, the real reason I make so much effort to watch any and all Award-type movies: so I can compile my own list of winners, making as informed votes as possible for someone who has to pay for every movie he sees (unless I’m with someone who pays for me), and find the time to watch them in between a job and life that are not in the movie critics field (well, not yet anyway).

To qualify for an Andy Movie Award, a movie had to A) be released theatrically in North America within the calendar year of 2006, and B) be seen by me. These rules made 54 movies eligible (one of which I just watched 6 hours ago), but leaves out a couple documentaries I saw from HBO and Showtime. As for movies that were actually nominated by the Academy, there were 43 different feature length movies nominated for an award by the Academy, of which I saw 28 (65%). The percentage increases if you take the Documentary and Foreign Language categories out of the equation, as I missed 6 of them (3 each) for the simple matter that they haven’t been available in my part of the world (well, one was made available last week, but has only shown maybe 7 times since then). That would bring my percentage up to 73% (24 of 33), which would be the percentage of Oscar-nominated movies that I had the ability to see and did see, which ain’t bad if I do say so myself.

Here, I will present my nominees and winners in the same categories, and in the same order, as the Academy did on their telecast, with the exception of short films (which I saw none, but do have three downloaded to maybe watch later), the categories I don’t know enough about to make nominees (Editing, Sound, Sound Editing), or the category I think is completely fucking stupid (Best Original Song). But enough with the introduction, on with the show…
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Vegas Baby, VEGAS!!!

My friend George works for an airline, so he sends us off an e-mail from time to time featuring vacation deals they’re offering. On Wednesday, he sent off one of those e-mails around 3:00 in the afternoon, and by 9:00 pm that night, Kim and I booked a trip to Vegas. Impulsive? Possibly, but I like to think of it as decisive. That’s how we roll (after all, we are the couple who decided to look into buying a house on a Sunday, then had an offer accepted for a house on Saturday).

So we’re headed to Las Vegas at the end of March, staying three nights at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This will be our third trip there (my fourth), as some of you may not know, we got married in Vegas (in the gardens of the Flamingo, in front of family and friends). We like it there even though we hardly gamble and I don’t drink at all. Weird, huh? It’s just a very exciting place to be, with lots to see and do besides gambling. Plus, it’ll be nice to be somewhere warm, all for less than $1300. We really do rule sometimes.

It’s been far too long since I’ve bludgeoned you with Gromit pictures

If you haven’t seen my puppy lately, you’ll be surprised at how big he’s gotten. Sure, he’ll never be as big as other pups, and is generally the smallest puppy at Puppy Playtime or in the park (unless one of those wussy toy dogs is around), but he’s bigger than the last time I put up pictures, so I figured I should show you all. After all, no one is here for the cross-posted reviews.

Lazy Sunday
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Top 10 Movies of 2006

I gave myself til the end of January to post this list, hoping to catch up on all the end of the year releases that don’t reach most screens until January. Well, it’s the end of January, so it was time to commit to my list. After all, year end lists become less and less relevant the farther away from the end of the year they come.

I didn’t get a chance to see every movie I wanted to see from 2006, but I did catch a lot of them (46 and counting). Movies that I wanted to see by have not yet seen include Pan’s Labyrinth, The Last King of Scotland, Little Children, Flags of our Fathers, Jesus Camp, Deliver us from Evil, Hollywoodland, and The Good German, so that’s why none of them make the list. No worries, as this won’t be my last word on the year in movies (that’ll come around Oscar time).

For most of the year, I thought 2006 to be a pretty crappy year for movies. But, while putting this list together, I realised that it turns out that there was a lot of good movies this year, just not necessarily at the multiplex. Instead, it was a year of disappointing and diminishing returns for heavily promoted movies, especially during the summer. But if you sought out good movies, there was some great ones to be seen. So, if you’re down on the year in film, maybe you just weren’t seeing the right movies.
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