It’s been far too long since I’ve bludgeoned you with Gromit pictures

If you haven’t seen my puppy lately, you’ll be surprised at how big he’s gotten. Sure, he’ll never be as big as other pups, and is generally the smallest puppy at Puppy Playtime or in the park (unless one of those wussy toy dogs is around), but he’s bigger than the last time I put up pictures, so I figured I should show you all. After all, no one is here for the cross-posted reviews.

Lazy Sunday

The next picture has to be set up some, so read this before clicking the cut (unless you already have). There’s a beagle that lives in an apartment building a couple buildings over. The owners let her out on to the balcony to do her business (I’m pretty sure it’s a she), which is the only place I’ve ever seen her. We take Gromit out all the time, and she’s never out for walkies. In fact, they don’t even clean off the balcony that often (which… ew). So we only see her looking forlorn on the balcony, wishing to be sniffing around with Gromit. Kim and I want to offer to take her out sometime, but we don’t know the owners.

Anyway, Gromit usually doesn’t notice her, cause his nose is to the ground. But she barked at him the other day, got his attention, so I let him go over to her (she lives on the first floor). The result was the most adorable moment ever (which I would then replicate after running inside to get the camera).

Would a Beagle by any other name still smell as sweet?
“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

The first time it happened, the girl beagle (who will henceforth be known as Juliet) was reaching down through the bars to sniff at Gromit. It may have been one of the top ten all-time greatest moments of my life.

Snow Dog!
After that, we went to the park. Not too many dogs there to play with at first, so we went exploring.

Gromit in the wild.
Gromit usually loves sniffing around, and he did here, but he prefers to play with other dogs in the park (we go exploring in the morning in a grassy hall by our house, while trying to avoid coyotes).

Eventually, some other dogs came by. They didn’t play too much though.

But then, our neighbour showed up with her two dogs. They’re usually bastards who always yip and jump at Gromit, forcing him inside. But out here, where he was free to play, he stood tall, mixing it up with one, and dominating the other one (who, despite always barking at Gromit, is a complete pussy. Go Gromit!).

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