Vegas Baby, VEGAS!!!

My friend George works for an airline, so he sends us off an e-mail from time to time featuring vacation deals they’re offering. On Wednesday, he sent off one of those e-mails around 3:00 in the afternoon, and by 9:00 pm that night, Kim and I booked a trip to Vegas. Impulsive? Possibly, but I like to think of it as decisive. That’s how we roll (after all, we are the couple who decided to look into buying a house on a Sunday, then had an offer accepted for a house on Saturday).

So we’re headed to Las Vegas at the end of March, staying three nights at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This will be our third trip there (my fourth), as some of you may not know, we got married in Vegas (in the gardens of the Flamingo, in front of family and friends). We like it there even though we hardly gamble and I don’t drink at all. Weird, huh? It’s just a very exciting place to be, with lots to see and do besides gambling. Plus, it’ll be nice to be somewhere warm, all for less than $1300. We really do rule sometimes.

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