Gromit Graduates!

We finished up Gromit’s Let’s Go training classes last week. Sadly, there was no fun graduation ceremony with caps and gowns, but that’s probably for the best, since Gromit probably would’ve just tried to eat them. But he did get a certificate! We now have to decide how to best display this great honour.
His puppy diploma

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We got back from Vegas early Friday morning, and have been recovering since. All in all, it was a lot of fun, but incredibly exhausting (and that’s without any drinking or partying!). I’d usually use this space to cram in a bunch of vacation photos, but it turns out that we barely took any.

It was our third trip there, after all, so we’d seen a lot of it before. As a result, we just didn’t feel like taking pictures. We were too busy doing stuff to stop and try to capture it on frame. We stayed at the Luxor, checking in late Monday night. We didn’t have much time to do much that night, other than eat dinner and walk the strip a bit. We ate at a Mexican restaurant in New York, New York that served the best salsa ever, then walked down to the Bellagio to watch the water show. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled due to high winds, and we never got a chance to see it the rest of the time we were there, which kinda sucks since its a personal favourite of ours.
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