Top 5 Reasons to Support AndytheSaint’s Blogathon

What's the point of moderating a community if you can't subvert it for your own needs?

On Saturday, from 6:00 am PST until 6:00 am PST the next day, I will participating in a 24-hour blogathon for charity, posting once every half hour for 24 hours straight (that’s 49 posts in one day!). Sounds pretty interesting, non? If you’re looking for more info about this blogathon phenomenon, go to the official website here: or go to my post about it here:

5. All proceeds go to charity – This year, I’ll be blogging for, an organization that sells carbon offsets to people looking to move towards becoming carbon neutral. By pledging your monetary support for my blogathon efforts, you’ll be doing your part in helping save the planet. Not bad.

4. What’s that you said about saving the planet? – If you’re like me, and most of the scientific community (just to be clear, I am not part of the scientific community), you believe that global warming is caused by human activities, primarily from the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by providing carbon offsetting products to individuals and businesses, purchasing and retiring carbon credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange, and supporting projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon sequestration. As individuals, it is impossible to bring our personal carbon stamps down to zero, as we need to heat our homes, drive cars, fly to different places in the world. Instead, we can try to become carbon neutral by purchasing carbon offsets to make up for the carbon we put into the environment (with the offsets going towards projects that prevent carbon releases elsewhere).

To figure out how much carbon offsets you’d have to purchase to offset something, go to Carbonfund’s Carbon Calculators here:

3. Taxes suck – As a non-profit organization, all donations made to are tax deductible. Hey, if the government isn’t going to do enough with your tax dollars to help out our environment, then why not keep some tax money away from them and do it yourself?

2. Blogathon is fun! – I participated in the Blogathon last year, and found it to be a fun, if unusual, way to spend a day. Curious about what posting original content every half hour does to a guy’s psyche? Why not tune in this Saturday to find out (also, you can check out my 2006 Blogathon posts here: Maybe somebody who was around for that adventure (either online or in person) can give a testimonial in a comment here about the fun.

1. I’ll get pretty bored and dispirited without your support – I understand that not everyone can afford to pledge monetary support (but if you can, go HERE to do so, then create a login ID), but if this sounds interesting to you, there’s other things you can do to offer support. First and foremost, let me know that you’re interested and you’ll be checking in on my blog throughout the ‘thon ( Writing for a potential audience is always preferable. Also, coming up with something new and different to write about every half hour isn’t easy (I’m already storing up some ideas), so feel free to drop some suggestions for potential discussions in a comment here. Then, throughout the ‘thon, if you are reading, drop me a comment to let me know you’re there. And, hey, if you want to post a link to my efforts, I won’t say no.

So, there you have it, five reasons to support my 24 hour blogathon on Saturday, July 28 – Sunday July 29. If any of you are planning on doing a blogathon of your own, feel free to use this space to promote it. Maybe I can support you too.

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