POST #11: Can't Take the Heat

One good thing about being trapped in the basement on the computer all day is that it's the coolest part of the house. Whenever I go upstairs to grab a drink or use the washroom, I get the harsh reminder of how hot it is. Currently, it's 25°C, and should get hotter. Sadly, I'm about to enter the fray since its about time for lunch.

It's weird that we complain so much time complaining about the heat, when we spend 8 months a year waiting for winter to be over. I guess it's in our nature to complain, but I think the problem with heat is that it's harder to escape. Sure, if you have A/C, you're good (although, A/C is hard to maintain. It quickly can become too cold), but otherwise, the heat will get you. Whereas when it's cold, it's only a problem when you're outside. When you get inside, you can turn up the heat, put on a sweater, get a blanket, whatever. It's easier to make yourself warm when it's cold than it is to make yourself cool when it's hot. Heat is oppressive.

Still, I prefer summer to winter.

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