POST #14: Why I Blog

I should probably mention the charity I'm blogging for, in case anyone is reading this that didn't read one of my pre-thon posts where I mentioned it. I'm blogging for, an organization that sells carbon offsets to people looking to move towards becoming carbon neutral. By pledging your monetary support for my blogathon efforts, you'll be doing your part in helping save the planet.

Basically, I'm trying to do something to help the environment, since I like living on the planet and all. We've been making an effort to be more environmentally conscious (and sadly, yes, part of that is because of Al Gore's movie. I am so easily swayed by movies. I'm waiting for a new documentary to tell me what to care about as we speak). We bought a more environmentally-friendly car, and have been trying to make food purchases based on their carbon stamp when possible. Now we're trying to be carbon neutral by buying offsets from (Kim has pledged for the blogathon to cover us both).

I know there are some people out there that still question whether or not global warming is legitimate, or if humanity really has that much influence on global temperature. I personally believe pretty strongly that we do, but even if by some chance the scientific community is wrong on this, isn't it a good idea to limit our carbon releases anyway? Isn't smog reduction and less dependence on fossil fuels and non-renewable resources a positive no matter what you believe about climate change?

If you're interested in what your personal carbon stamp is, you can calculate it here: , and if you're looking to pledge to support me in my efforts here, the number they give you would be a good amount (or perhaps just the amount an upcoming flight would take up, or just a flat amount is good too). You get a month or so after I'm successful in the 'thon to honour your pledge, so don't pay yet. To make a pledge, go here: then create an account with (so they know you're a person and have an e-mail address to send reminder messages to. You should only get 2-3 messages from them).

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