POST #19: My Summer of HBO

We watch a lot of TV shows during the year, which makes it fairly hard to watch TV on DVD while new shows are airing. So summertime is catch up time. This year, I decided we should make it a Summer of HBO, in attempt to catch up on all those quality shows I’ve always meant to watch but hadn’t.

In addition, HBO shows are the only ones we watch right now currently airing new episodes. Currently, we’re watching season two of Big Love and season four of Entourage as they air (we gave John from Cincinnati a shot, but didn’t like it. Sadly, we never started Flight of the Conchords, which I’m starting to hear good things about. But, our hi def movie channel that carries HBO shows didn’t pick it up, so we didn’t have much chance to watch it anyway). On top of that, we finally got around to watching the first season of Six Feet Under that we had borrowed from our friends Ellen and George at the beginning of the summer, then went ahead and ordered the complete series after a couple of viewings, so we’ve been going through that pretty quickly.

We generally watch half-hour shows on our upstairs TV while we eat dinner, so up until now we’d watched a couple non-HBO shows that we’d been given on DVD, but now that we’ve finished those, we’re moving on to HBO’s Extras, lent to us by . The original plan was to try and rent the first season of The Wire when we were done with Six Feet Under, but I went ahead and borrowed Freaks and Geeks from Skooch, since I put off seeing for far too long, so we’ll watch that next. Hopefully we’ll finish it with enough time to at least start The Wire, if we can find somewhere to rent it (along with having no access to the actual HBO channel in Canada, we also don’t have Netflix. Very annoying).

I’m a bit of a late-comer to the HBO world (still haven’t seen The Sopranos, and I’m not sure I ever will), but I’m glad to finally be here. Such great television. Or not television… whatever.

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