POST #2: Still Waking Up

Post number two, and already I’m feeling better. Just got out of the shower, so I’m feeling refreshed. I tell ya though, this whole waking up between posts thing was easier last year, when we were in a one bedroom apartment, and thus my shower wasn’t that far from my computer. Now my computer is in the basement, with my shower two floors up. This won’t be the only logistical problem for the day, as now when I want to eat I have to run up the stairs instead of just walking one room over. Maybe I should’ve taken the Blogathon into consideration when choosing this place.

Got to bed after midnight last night, which isn’t ideal. But, we had tickets to go see Neko Case at the Folkfest, so what are you gonna do? Decent show, but the Folkfest isn’t ideal for seeing someone you want to see. All the prime viewing positions are taken up by people who got their right when the gates opened, plopped down their tarps or chairs or whatever, and have spent the rest of their night passively watching acts they don’t know while reading or something. The festival is for these people, who probably buy multiple day passes and stuff, but it means that the true fans that are really into the concert get shoved off to the side.

Still, Neko was great. She might have the best voice in music right now (probably not, as that’s a huge statement to make, but she’s up there). Before her was Hawksley Workman, whose music I don’t listen to, but he put on a good enough show. Earlier in the evening we listened to Final Fantasy (the singer, not the video game) do a quick six song set on a smaller stage. I think my opinion on Final Fantasy is that his music is more “interesting” than “good”, but interesting isn’t a bad thing for a six song set at a music festival.

So if I’m tired right now, it’s due to lack of sleep as a result of my love of concerts. But I’ll get through it. I’m a gamer. Anyway, I should probably get back to my waking up routine. Kim’s making breakfast!

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