POST #21: Checking In

I've been at this for ten hours now, and if you're wondering, yes, this is getting monotonous. Last year, when I had visitors, I wondered if this might be easier to do alone, given that I don't have that much time on my hands between posts. Now I realise that it was helpful to have company, if only to break the monotony. I do think the quality of my posts are probably better as a result of my solitude (Kim has gone back to bed, but I think I'll wake her up now for dinner).

So that's where you, dear readers, come in. I'm interested in what's happening in that big, scary, outside world. How's your weekend going? What'cha been up to? What would you like to read about? Any comments to distract me would be appreciated, especially if you have any suggestions about stuff for me to post about.

Don't worry if you're reading this hours after I posted it, I'm sure I'm still in need of the entertainment.

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