POST #3: Mmmmm… Bacon

One fun outcome of this blogathon is that my wife is making us breakfast for the first time since we’ve moved in, and possibly the first time since last year’s blogathon. Neither of us are morning people (she’s more tired than I am right now, although part of that is probably because she’s not trying to wake up, but rather get through this breakfast commitment she made, then will go back to sleep), so there hasn’t been much cause to make a breakfast more complicated than pouring.

Another reason is that we’re seldom together in the morning, and when we are, we’re on different sides of the sleeping equation. She works nights at a hospital as a nurse (helping deliver babies), so she’s just getting home when I’m getting ready to leave for work (in truth, if I got to work when they’d prefer me to get to work, I’d be leaving before she got home). So she’s just wanting to go to sleep, while I’m rushing out the door. No time for eggs!

Another thing keeping us from eating breakfast is usually Gromit, whose morning routine takes precedence over ours (since ours will rarely result in pee on the floor). Today that’s not the case, since Julie is furthering her support for my efforts (on top of pledging) by puppy-sitting for us. She took him in yesterday afternoon, and will be keeping him until Sunday evening. We were away all of last night, so it was good that he wasn’t trapped at home alone all night (since we’d keep him crated the whole time to prevent him from destroying stuff… and the pee, always the pee). Today, Kim will be sleeping for much of the day since she has to work tonight at 11, and I’ll be too busy posting every 30 minutes to attend to his needs. So we are beagle-free this weekend, which is kinda nice. But I still miss the little guy. He was going to be my fall back option when I couldn’t think of anything to write (I’d be all “I don’t have much to say right now, so let me tell you about the silly way my puppy is behaving right now”).

Ah well, now I’ll just regale you with Gromit stories from the past. Lord knows I never get tired of talking about my pup.

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