POST #33: Slo-Pitch

The league doesn’t offer basketball in the summer, so instead, we’re playing Slo-Pitch. Since it’s dependent on sunlight and currently Kim works only nights, she was able to sign up with us too, along with her friend (and blogathon sponsor, and Gromit-sitter) Julie. We’ve played three games so far, and it’s been great.

In some ways, it’s more fun than basketball. I enjoy basketball more, since it’s always been my favourite sport to play, but slo-pitch has a different appeal. It’s a more languid, less aggressive game that allows us to just goof around in the sunshine. We have a good amount of laughs in basketball, but the simple fact that you have to run a lot in that sport means that you’re going to be more intense.

Unusually, even though slo-pitch is far less aerobic than basketball (as in not aerobic at all), I’m still getting sore after every game. Sore in ways that I hadn’t been near the end of basketball season. So I guess I’m still being active! w00t.

It’s a really lax league, where we pitch to our own team, and are only allowed three pitches per at bat. Unless we somehow get really awesome, I think I’d prefer to stay in this division. It keeps everything light and fun, which is basically what I’m looking for.

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