POST #4: I'm Already Short on Ideas

Okay, not really. In truth, I haven't gotten into my ideas yet (other than the ones about writing about the concert and Gromit), but in order to get into a more involved post, I kinda need to start writing the post right after I post and I haven't been able to do that while getting ready. But I should be good to go from here on out (or at least for the next little while).

I just realised that another reason why neither of us has made breakfast for each other in a long while is that my appetite doesn't really wake up right away. As a result, I didn't eat that much of my breakfast right now. But I think a key for getting through this thing will be to be properly fuelled throughout the day, so I can avoid hunger-based lethargy. At the same time, I gotta make sure I don't overeat and slip into a food coma.

I thought it might be fun to take a picture of myself right now, before undergoing the horrors of Blogathon 07, so I can compare it to how I'll look several hours from now. Sadly, it's really not the best pic (I should probably smile more), so it already looks like I've been doing this for hours. Just imagine how ragged I'll look at 6 in the morning tomorrow. If I don't look like a serial killer now, I probably will then.

I need a nap.

Wow, that photo is really bad. Extreme close-ups are not flattering. Nor are half-open eyes.

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