POST #7: Top Five Reviews

If you’re wondering about this top five thing, it’s a major hobby for me. I write reviews and make lists of movies, tv shows, music, comic books, and other pop culture stuff. I like writing (hence this 24 hour blogathon) and I love pop culture. Reviewing what I take in is a way to extend my enjoyment of them. Instead of my movie viewing experience ending with the roll of the credits, I get to spend more time thinking about them, then figuring out a way to write about it, then possibly engaging in further discussion with others after they read my review.

I don’t write them with an idea that anyone in particular is interested in what I have to say, I have a healthy enough understanding of my place in the world to know that if I gave this all up tomorrow, no one’s life would be affected. But, the idea that other people MIGHT be interested in what I have to write is enough for me. As with most hobbies, I do it for myself, and if anyone else cares, that’s a bonus.

I post my lists and reviews not only here on my LJ, but also over at Top Five Reviews, a community I moderate where members are encouraged to post lists and reviews. It’s a pretty fun place, with a good core of people who read each others stuff and share their opinions. We also do fun things like there, like have tournaments to decide the Best Movie Ever, or figure out what the community’s opinion on an actor’s top five best movies in a game called T5R Survivor. Right now, we’re doing T5R Survivor: Johnny Depp Edition. So check it out if you’re interested. It’s always nice to have a new way to waste time on the internet.

Expect to see more lists and reviews throughout the day, that will eventually show up there.

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