POST #8: The Lonely Blogger

I think the hardest part of this day is going to be the isolation. I don’t expect to get many comments, as most people have better ways to spend their Saturdays than reading some jackasses blog, and I’ll be physically alone for most of the day (Kim has gone back to bed, and will be working for a large portion of my effort). Last year Skooch and Billy came by to keep me company, but this year, Skooch is away in Campbell River.

At the time, I appreciated their company, but also worried that they were a distraction. I figured I wasn’t getting in the best posts because I was worried about entertaining them. Now, I wouldn’t mind the company to break the monotony. I have to make 41 posts after this, so its not that big a deal when they’re not all super interesting. Plus, it might be fun for potential readers to hear about all the crazy hijinx we could get into (okay, there weren’t that many hijinx). So if anyone wants to drop me a line throughout the day, feel free. I will obviously be around.

Another problem is that the two people I know are most interested in my posts won’t be reading them for awhile. Not only is Kim asleep, but even if she were awake, she wouldn’t be able to read them anyway, since I’m on the computer and all. The other is my sister, who is currently in Israel on an archaeological dig. I’m pretty sure its the Sabbath there right now (give or take with time zones), so she’s probably not working right now, but she also probably isn’t sitting on the internet reading. (SIDEBAR: Holy crap, the spell checker thing on Firefox doesn’t recognise the word “internet”. What the fuck is up with that?)

A shout out goes to my co-workers Janice and Rebecca, who have both pledged to support my blogathon. They might actually be reading these posts, as there was talk that they would put in some overtime this weekend. I probably would be doing that were it not for this. Thanks a whole bunch for your pledges, you were the first people not related to me to sponsor me! If you are reading, feel free to leave a reply.

I was actually pretty nervous to tell anyone I work with about this thing, since I don’t naturally share details of my life. But, since they’re on Facebook, and I have all my blog posts imported over to Facebook, they would’ve had a chance to see all these posts anyway, so why not tell them what’s going on? It’s not like I told my boss or anything. Plus, I bought a whole lot of Girl Guide cookies from Janice, so I guess she owes me (sadly, she cannot eat my posts, so I got the better end of that deal).

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